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We help Dutch companies, with effective marketing, to grow and excel on the German market.

German Customer Trust

Through a convincing native online presence

Fast and Steady Growth

With performance-marketing

Increased Profitability

Through monitoring and strategy

Happy Clients:

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Happy Clients:

I want to get started in Germany

You want to take the first step into Europe’s largest market but are not sure where to start?

I want faster growth in Germany

You are already targeting the German market but are not yet seeing the desired results?

Our Expertise

Top-tier German Web presence

We build high class looking and performing landing pages. The solid foundation for success on the German market.

German Performance Marketing

Win over your target audience in Germany and achieve sales with the best return on investment. High-performance Google, Meta, Amazon and Bing marketing from German natives.

German audit and strategy

Are you already marketing your product in Germany but the desired results are still nowhere to be seen? We analyze your current web presence in Germany and develop a tailor-made strategy to get you on track to growth and profitability.

4-step method for effective business growth in Germany

We have developed a 4-step method that enables us to achieve excellent results in Germany for companies in various industries.

Step 1

Analysis of your current situation

Are you already marketing your company in Germany or are you planning to make the first step? Together, we discuss your current situation and goals.

Step 2

Your tailored growth strategy

Based on the analysis, we create a personalized growth strategy to achieve your goals in Germany with effectiveness and efficiency.

Step 3


We implement the strategy, bringing your German web presence to a top class level and using performance-marketing to grow your sales volume.

Step 4

Monitoring and Management

We optimize your marketing campaigns for absolute perfomance and refine them for the best return on investment.

About Us

Being a German Marketer in the Netherlands Louis Kahl made it his mission to help companies cross the cultural barriers and gain the competitive edge on the German market.

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Louis Kahl

Founder & Performance Marketer

“The German market offers great growth opportunity, but is unfortunately often complicated to seize. Translating the Dutch website 1:1 and making some minor adjustments does not work. The German customer wants certainty, and it takes a great deal to gain her/his trust. This can only be achieved through a solid foundation. We provide this foundation in the form of a German native online presence and dedicated performance marketing.”

Top performing German marketing like no other

We love online marketing and specialize in helping Dutch companies to get a strong foot on the German market and grow effectively. To do this, we use powerful marketing methods to generate outstanding results for our clients.

Our work is always guided by the following values:

Together, we’ll help you overcome your 2 biggest challenges. Those would be:

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The process of cooperation

Our cooperation starts in 3 simple steps. Just fill out the contact form and get to know us in a short conversation.

Step 1

Fill out contact form

Just fill out our contact form within 2 minutes and someone from our team will get back to you by phone within the next 24 hours.

Step 2

Free 20-minute get-to-know-you meeting

In a free 20-minute meeting we will find out how we can help you. If everything fits, we will arrange a consultation.

Step 3

1-hour consultation

In a 1-hour consultation, we’ll show you strategies that will help you get to the next level of growth in the next few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We also answer all questions in a non-binding consultation.

We have specialized in addressing two common challenges:

1. We assist companies in making their initial venture into the German market by setting up a high-quality web presence that is perfectly suited for your specific industry and target audience in Germany.

2. For companies already operating in Germany, we provide comprehensive strategies to foster growth in sales and increase profitability.

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses at different stages of their German market journey.

If you are facing challenges in making the step onto the German market, or if you want more growth in the DACH region, you can sign up for a free consultation.

Just click on one of the buttons and leave us your contact details.

Within 48 hours, we will contact you by phone and conduct a free 20-minute introductory talk.

If the meeting is successful and we can definitely help you, we will arrange a 1-hour consultation in which we will show you strategies to get to the next level of growth.

If you decide to implement these strategies with us as a strong partner, our cooperation will start.

Our customers usually achieve noticeable results in the form of increased sales after just a few weeks. Depending on the initial situation, it can take longer or go faster. After 8-12 weeks at the latest, you should be able to see noticeable results.

We specialize in performance marketing through Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Amazon. Our services include strategic campaign planning, keyword research, ad copywriting, A/B testing, and continuous optimization. Additionally, we provide detailed analytics and reporting to track the progress of each campaign.

Our team of native German speakers are proficient in both the language and the cultural nuances of the German market. We conduct thorough research to understand your target audience and tailor the content, design, and user experience to resonate with German consumers.

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In a free consultation, we identify the potential and show you which strategies we can use to establish your company on the German market and grow it effectively.